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Nicole Evans - Bio

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Nicole Evans
Zoroark: F: Dark (Shiny)
Fraxure: M: Dragon
Golurk: Ground/Ghost
Galvantula: M: Bug/Electric
Keldeo: Water/Fighting
Scizor: F: Bug/Steel

Nicole was traveling with a group of researchers when she was 9. It was her first real trip outside of her home town in the Unova region. She hadn’t yet started her journey officially, the research her uncle was part was the delay. When a storm rose up rapidly while they were out in the Lostlorn Forrest, Nicole became separated from the rest of them, sliding and rolling down a hill. When she landed in the mud and looked around she couldn’t see anyone or anything besides green and shades of grey. A few small pokemon were startled when she fell into their den, but one walked up to her a little more curious than the others. When their mother came entered the den she was furious and confronted Nicole. The little one jumped on top of the mother’s head and nibbled on her mane. The mother stopped and the little Zorua jumped into Nicole’s arms. Nicole stayed until the storm passed as was reunited with her traveling party carrying her new companion, Zoey.
The two friends started their journey and Nicole collected many different pokemon. Nicole never had much interest in the badges, but the spirit of adventure, and excitement interacting with the different pokemon keeping them going. The constant travels helped her and her pokemon grow, learning from each other. As she traveled a few of her pokemon evolved from when she captured them. One walks around with a permanent reminder of his love for her. Her Fraxure has a chipped tusk but keeps a smile while in her presence. Though she hasn’t caught too many pokemon, the one’s she has caught have grown strong as they worked and trained with her.

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