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~Mew, Mewtwo, Lugia, Ho-oh, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Arceus, Reshiram, Zekrom, & Kyurem are NOT to be boxed OR used in battle unless you have befriended one and they are in the area.(Main story only)

~Only 6 Pokémon in your team at maximum. Any other Pokémon are sent to the Professor you got your first pokemon from.
Kanto- Oak
Johto- Elm
Hoenn- Birch
Sinnoh- Rowan
Unova- Juniper

~Your pokemon are not gods themselves. They will take hits on occasion, they will be knocked out and super effective moves will happen to them. Dodging and Enduring are doable, but fatigue will set in after dodging and your pokemon can't take more than 2 Super-Effective moves unless it's naturally defensive.

~Status Ailements apply exactly like in the games. Burn, Poison, & Paralasis are permanent until healed at a center or by an item. Freeze last 5 post without weather moves, 8 post in Hail, 6 in Rain, 4 in Sand, 2 in Sun. Sleep last 3-5 turns.Burn causes 10% damage each turn and lowers attack by 20%. Toxic & Lvl2 Toxic Spikes cause 10% damage with an additional 5% added each turn it is not cured.(i.e. Turn1-10 Turn2-15 Turn4-25 Turn8-50)

~You are not always a day's walk from a pokemon center, meaning you can't do one post and say "Oh here's the center" on your next post unless you fly or teleport.

~Teleporting can only be done by Abra, Natu, & Ralts and only to checkpoints you've visited, or outside of caves/dungeons.
~Flying can only be done by pokemon that are or exceed these measurements.
Height- 5'07"/1.7m
Weight- 143.5 lbs/65.1 kg
Exceptions to this are legendary pokemon or pokemon who are bigger than normal.(No ridiculous size differences between yours and the normal pokemon, though Charizard acquired in the Charicific Valley are exceptions to that, as they have been training all their lives and are known to be 3x the size of a normal Charizard.)

~Countering can be done, but how you countered must be told in full detail.
Example: Ash laughed and told Pikachu to counter with Quick Attack.
Example: Pikachu ran on the Hydro Pump and hit Blastoise.
Those are nonos.
Example: As the stream of water launched by cannon-wielding came toward Pikachu, Ash decided to try a desperation move. He commanded Pikachu to jump as soon as the water was just an inch away from the tiny mouse pokemon, and with a flash of light, Pikachu used it's Quick Attack to not only boost it's speed enough to run along the water stream, but boost it's physical attack power. Pikachu then became engulfed in an electric aura while running along the water, and once it got close enough, it went to the side of the Hydro Pump, and went full force into the giant turtle like pokemon using the Quick Attack boosted Volt Tackle.
That is how I want to see battling in the main story.

~The main story is to be composed in T1-Paragraph form, meaning each post must be at least 1 paragraph long.(I know most of you and have seen you whine and complain in multiple paragraphs, so if you bitch about this, then don't bother posting in the main story.

~The tournaments are to be done in their own forum topics, and the format must be stated. If you wish to join, then sign up for those you wish to join.

Silly Bowser...TiersR4Queers ^_^

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