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Tsubaki Hawthorne

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Tsubaki Hawthorne

Iris Silluet-Rocket

Age: 18


1. Snivy :female: -Grass

Team Rocket-Grunt

Tsubaki Hawthorne comes from a rich family in the Unova Region. Her parents spoiled her, giving her anything she wanted without question, causing her to grow up with feeling superior to everyone. Despite this, she loved studying and knew that showing her superiority to the world wasn't something she could get in one shot. She studied up on recent events, hearing about the different criminal organization such as Team Rocket and the chaos they caused. At age 18, Tsubaki finally decided that to achieve her goal to showing everyone her superiority, she would have to take over the criminal organizations and use the fear and resources to practically own the world, though ruling it wasn't part of her goal. With a plan in mind, she snuck out of her home in the night, heading to Prof. Juniper's lab. Despite it being her first time breaking into a building, she was able to get in and steal a Pokemon, though she wasn't sure which she stole. She resorted to stealing due to being rejected by Juniper, seeing how spoiled and how Tsubaki treated everyone.

Once Tsubaki managed to steal it, she went back to her home, fixing her room to look like she was kidnapped. She created a trail for the police to follow all the way to a cliff that led to the ocean. Ripping a piece of her pajamas she normally used to sleep, she placed it to look like she felled to her death. She needed people to think she was dead for her to reach her goal. Finding a good spot to rest for the night and not be found, she checked the pokemon she stole, a Snivy that didn't realized it had been stolen. Deciding it was adequate, she decided to leave it out of its ball as a companion of sort and to keep a lookout while she sleeps. She travelled all the way to Castelia City, and took a boat to the Kanto Region, deciding she would take over Team Rocket first. Once in the Kanto Region, after many days and searching to find the group, she was able to join them with a different name. With this, Tsubaki was one step closer to her goal to taking over Team Rocket as well as the other criminal organizations.

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