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Was brought to my attention that some moves work differently in the anime than in the games, Stealth Rock being a great example. In these cases, it's more or less going to be used as it is seen in the anime/manga. If you're not sure sure about a move, post it here, so that one of the mods can clarify.

Onix's body becomes surrounded in several silver glitters that grow larger and fire around the battlefield. The energy then grows larger and forms into pointed gray rocks that sit on the ground. When the opponent sends out another Pokémon, the rocks around it raise into the air, glow white, and crush the opponent.

This is an example of how Stealth Rocks should be used/seen in the RP. To keep this one fair and even to both players though, the user must state the size of the rocks in the post it was used in. The Pokémon will not take damage upon entry unless they have a weight of one hundred eighty pounds or heavier.

Furthermore, Pokemon who are under one hundred eighty pounds and have a base speed of 65 or higher can use the rocks to their advantage.(Pokemon like Umbreon, Raichu, Sceptile, etc.) To go along with the no god-modding rule, the attack has to hit at least three times during the course of the battle. I'm leaving damage calculation to the trainers for now. Hopefully it will be done fairly and accurately. I'm trusting you all.

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