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~Rules For Main RP

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1~Rules For Main RP Empty ~Rules For Main RP on Tue Jun 05, 2012 11:30 pm


1. Any Pokemon caught in events are and can be used in the Main Story. This does not include Legendaries or Psuedo-Legendaries.

2. If there's going to be sexual activity, it stays to a six post minimum. That means each person, assuming there's only two, has three post to "get-er-dun".

3. This was stated before, but I'm going to say this again. You are NEVER a one post walk away from a Pokemon Center if you're not even in a city or town.

4. Any battles against other members of the forum are to go in T1 Format and are to follow the rules as such. (No Auto-hitting, No God-Modding, No OverPowered Pokemon{Main Reason Nina is an NPC}, and No shorter than 3-5 sentences.)

These will most likely change, so don't expect them to stay the same.

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